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I don't usually like posts on giveaways on other blogs which is why I post them on my sidebar for your and my convenience but I'm making an exception this time because this one got to me.

Blogging is hard work! First you have to make your blog. Choose a lay-out, think about your content and what you want to accomplish with it and then the real work begins.

Taking the time to polish your nails or do your make-up, taking 50 pictures in different positions and lighting to get the most colour accurate and flattering pictures, sifting through these pictures to find the best ones, cropping and watermarking if necessary, uploading, writing a post, adding the pictures, check your post to see if it looks good, check for spelling mistakes, delete some of the post, adding other paragraphs, double check again and when all that is done you publish the post for people to read.

Sure, we bloggers mainly blog for ourselves. It's a hobby and most of us have fun with our blogs but it definitely helps that people out there take an interest. I'm really happy so many of you choose to check my blog almost daily and sometimes leave a comment. That is half, if not more, of the fun of blogging!

Which is why I would like to point out Jellynat's blog to you. I've been going through her blog and it amazes me that she has been blogging for about 5 months now and only just now reached 50 followers! She has great pics, interesting articles and her writing style is both personal and informative. She deserves more followers so you need to check her out!

To celebrate that she reached 50 followers she is giving away these beauties:

Essie "Mod Squad" (lovely hot pink) and Sinful "Crystalline" (sky blue with light aqua shimmer).

You can click on the pic to go to the giveaway. The giveaway is open to international followers and ends March 1st at 11:59.

And if you are a blogger please point her blog out to your readers. We've all been there and we need to help each other out every once in a while. ;)

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I agree....followed her as of this morning! Got to help each other out!
I am going to blog this, as well!

I feel touched beyond words by what you write. I'm speechless, sincerely that you made an exception for me. Finding other blogs is not always an easy thing, I realize. So many great blogs I haven't found yet, for example. I would never have found you if you haven't found me today and you know what? I love your blog! :)
Thank you so so much.

Great! :)

You're very welcome and thanks. :)

I like what you've said here - all true and I think it's great that you've done this special post for Jellynat. :)

Thanks :)

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