Very Quick Post, I'm Off To My Play Date!


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Mijn play date met een paar dames van FOK! en MUA is vandaag dus ik moet zo de deur uit maar ik wilde eerst mijn nagels laten zien. De duim geeft de kleur het beste weer.
Dit is Orly Enchanted Forest met Konad plate M12.

English: My play date with a couple of ladies from FOK! and MUA is today so I'm almost out the door but I wanted to show my nails first. The thumb is most colour accurate.
This is Orly Enchanted Forest with Konad plate M12.

Orly Enchanted Forest,M12,Konad

Orly Enchanted Forest,M12,Konad

Ik zal morgen foto's van de play date posten! Prettig weekend!
English: I'll post pics of the play date tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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That sounds like alot of fun! Hope you have a great day!
Oh, and that color looks alot better on you than it did on me lol It just didn't want to work with my skintone but on your it looks great!

Looks like drawn on a blackboard with chalk! I love this =)))

Shoot, I did not get to play with that konad plate! :o
Christmas... O+

Thank you very much for the lovely nail polish I got from you...

It was great as usual! I love having play dates. O+

It kind of does, doesn't it? I think I'm going to experiment with that when I have a little more time.

It was so much fun! Put five lacquerheads together and you get a polish explosion. I have a couple of new lemmings and other were killed because we discovered some dupes.

I think I'm going to ask IceRozie to do a guest post about those. She is like a walking polish encyclopaedia!

I love the polish! Thanks!

Ik vond het echt zo gezellig gister! En wat een hoop mooie lakjes bij elkaar <3.
Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!

Leuk om jullie in het echt te zien! Ik vond het ook gezellig. Moeten we zeker vaker doen!

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