Polish Bloggers Network: Lacquer Link Love 2/12/10


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Polish Pixel Pig has found her perfect shade of gray and now she wants to share it with the world. Thanks Zoya!

The Swatchaholic has a wonderful comparison of Chanel Particuliere along with some other gorgeous taupes. A few may be on your lemming list.

Bright Lights Big Color decided to do a tribute to nail art that was inspired by fellow bloggers. Check out her design to see if it was you.

Naive Nails has cooked up a look she likes to call Barbie, but it's not your average good girl mani.

Travels with Euridice has provided some excellent pictures of some glittery goodness! I'm keeping it a secret what prized polish this is. :)

Helen's Nice Things is showing off a shade deemed to to be hot this summer. A Models Own shade in a color that's hit the NYFW runways.

Tuli's Nails brought us some swatches from a brand called S-he Stylezone. Check out the pretty pink one full of HOLO-liciousness.

Daily Polish brings a gorgeous micro glitter purple polish for everyone to view. It may be from a smaller brand, but the name is definitely unforgettable. I'll let you take a look at what it is for yourself, lol.

Now on to our Network Giveaways...

This is your last chance to win the goodies fromTuli's Nails Romantic Valentine's Giveaway. Make sure you've entered for your chance to win!

Can't find the Milani Holo polish anywhere near you?! Well get your chance to snag those pretty Milani Holo's by entering Naive Nails 300 follower giveaway.

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This is off-topic for this blog item, but I just wanted to thank you for posting your kind comment on the blog about me wearing the Vise polish on overallbeauty.com. I really appreciate it!


You're welcome :)
I loved the article. Very interesting to see the reactions you got!

I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions I received in the stores I visited. I was expecting to receive some negative reactions, and had there been any, I would have reported them for the article too. Still, the region I live in is not ready for guys wearing colored nail polish on a regular basis, which is disappointing for guys like me who want to wear it. At least my wearing clear isn't considered abnormal in my region.

Sorry to hijack this blog thread! Thanks again!


No worries, that's why I installed this comment system with a reply function. I like talking to my readers. ;)

I wonder how people would react here. The Netherlands is pretty liberal but I live in a more conservative part so I have no idea.

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