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Vandaag dan eindelijk de andere lak die ik voor review gekregen heb uit de OPI Shrek collectie: Ogre The Top Blue.

Today I'm finally showing you the other polish I received for review from the OPI Shrek Collection: Ogre The Top Blue.

Een mooie, heldere middenblauwe creme. Omdat de formule wat dun en streperig is had ik drie laagjes nodig om deze dekkend te krijgen. De kleur is niet heel uniek volgens mij maar ik ben nog niet op zoek gegaan in mijn stash naar vergelijkingsmateriaal. Mocht ik nog een dupe tegenkomen dan laat ik dat jullie zeker weten!

A nice, bright middle blue creme. Because the formula was a bit thin and streaky I needed three coats to get it opaque. I don't think the colour is very unique but I didn't search my stash for dupes yet. If I come across one I'll let you know!

Sorry voor de matige kwaliteit van mijn foto's. Mijn camera is stuk waardoor ik op mijn back-up aangewezen ben die helaas niet zulke mooie foto's maakt. Ik ben aan het bekijken of ik qua budget beter mijn camera kan laten maken of een nieuwe kan kopen.

Bedankt voor alle inschrijvingen op mijn giveaway! Het zijn er meer dan ik verwacht had dus het kan even duren voor ik ze allemaal het uitgezocht. Zodra ik alle inschrijvingen nagekeken heb laat ik www.random.org of een vergelijkbaar programma de winnaar bepalen.

I'm sorry for the poor quality of my pics. My camera broke down so I have to use my back-up which doesn't really make nice pictures. I'm looking into having my camera fixed or buying a new one depending on the cost.

Thanks for all the entries on my giveaway! There were a lot more than I anticipated so it's going to take a while to sort them all out. As soon as I've checked all the entries I'll let www.random.org or a simmilar program decide the winner.

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OMG! Gorgeous color and even more gorgeous nails!!! <3

This blue looks just lovely, I love your nails!

Thanks, that's so sweet of you. <3

Thank you! :)

I think these pics are great! No worries. And this looks fantastic on you. :-D

The pictures aren't bad AT ALL. =)
Not really unique polish indeed. Doesn't it resemble the blue from the Hong Kong collection? Maybe not but all the medium blue look the same to me, ah ah!

(your nails have an awesome shape and I want cuticles as healthy as yours <3)


I thought so to but Suzi Says Feng Sui is more dusty and a tad darker. I would definitely call that one unique! I'm not too pleased with this camera because it washes out the colour a bit so it's not really colour accurate. IRL this is a bit darker and more vibrant.

Thanks for the compliment! I don't really do anything special with them except avoid cuticle oil and rub a rich cream or balm on them a couple of times a day. Usually every morning and at night and on good days once or twice extra. Cuticle oil dries my nails and cuticles so I stay far away from that.

Honestly I thought the shots were great!

Aw thanks :)

Are you kidding? Your pics are so great!
I only wish mine looked as good...and the nails are awesome, great color!

ontzettend mooi kleurtje!

Thanks. :)
The problem I have with my pics right now is that they aren't exactly colour accurate. Which is sort of the point when you try to show people what a colour looks like... ;)

Dankje :)

I regret I didn't chose it in my last order :p It great on you and your pics are not bad at all !

Thanks. :)
Well you might be able to find it on Ebay now other ways of getting cheap OPI are no longer an option. There are some great seller on Ebay with reasonable prices.

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