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Hi there! Eyeko came out with two new polishes called Rain and Saucy and they were kind enough to send me some for review. I actually wore Saucy yesterday but didn't get around to posting it so I'm showing you both today.

If you read my blog regularly you might have noticed I'm not really a red fan and I hate to swoon over a polish I received for review like this because it seems disingenuous but this really is the perfect red. It actually made my heart skip a beat when I opened the package. It's THAT beautiful! I may have found a HG red creme; something I never expected to find because red is just not me. Judge for yourself...

 Hi left hand!

*Swoon* Isn't it gorgeous?! I know other bloggers said it was a one-coater for them but I definitely needed two coats to get it nice and even. Not that I mind though, I'm not fond of one-coaters anyway. I always do a second coat with polishes like that unless I want to layer it.

I really enjoyed wearing this polish as it is but still couldn't leave it alone so yesterday afternoon I stamped it with a patern from an Essence plate to give it a bit of an Asian look. I can't tell you the number for the plate because I bought four different plates and they were only marked #1 and #2. This one had a #1 on it but because I had two different #1 plates I named this one #1A.

I'm really happy with how this turned out! It made me want to dress my hair up with chopsticks and eat Chinese food. Which of course I did. I made Kung Pao chicken for diner. Yum!

Today I'm wearing Rain. A blue-toned grey with a secret silver shimmer that is visible in the bottle but not so much on my nails. Weird because I've seen pictures from other that clearly show the subtle shimmer.

I had a bit more trouble with this one. Not horrible but like most pastels and lighter colours it has a tendency to get goopy so after the second coat I added a couple of drops of thinner to fix that.

Because I love my new nubbins so much and the Konad full-nail plates finally fit, I decided to stamp this one with a patern from plate M74. I've never been able to use this plate because it annoys me when slanted paterns don't cover half my nails but now they do.

I might keep this on for more than one day but if not I have a lilac-purple-white plaid mani planned for tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

Oh and if you hate me for writing this post in English only, feel free to yell at me in the comments. It's too hot to translate posts right now and I always have to cut half off my posts to prevent the dreaded wall 'o text when I write them bilingual so I'm giving English-only a try. It might even be permanent depending on your much or how little I get yelled at.

Eyeko is sold for  £3.50 a piece at but you can also buy sets. Check out their site for more info.

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like the rainpolish!

Both colors are lovely! I really like the Konad stamp on the Rain polish it looks beautiful!! ;)

It is really pretty. One of those less boring work appropriate colours.

Thanks! :)


Ik heb even een vraagje, het staat verder los van de prachtige lakjes die je hier op hebt, maar een vraag over blogspot... Ik kan je mailadres niet vinden, dus als je mij even een mailtje zou willen sturen, dan kan ik me vraag op die manier aan je stellen!!!

Alvast super bedankt!!!

Allebei mooie kleuren, vooral die blauwe met die konadstempel erover, heel tof.

I was going to paint my nails with the Saucy Polish tomorrow! I love the ones Eyeko sent me, I got the Rain polish too.

That grey konad is fantastic!

I'm your new follower. Really Like your blog. Maybe you could check out mine sometime:

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