OPI Burlesque Collection: Teas-y Does It!


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Last week I got a surprise package in the mail. Two gorgeous OPI polishes from the new Burlesque Collection! With this Burlesque Collection, OPI ties in with Sony release of “Burlesque” – Christina Aguilera’s film debut in which she plays an ambitious small-town girl with a big voice who finds success in a neo-burlesque club reminiscent of the nightclub in Bob Fosse’s “Cabaret.” Featuring an all-star cast including Cher!

Not sure if I'll go see the movie but the collection contains some very nice polishes. OPI went the glitter-route again and they do it so well!

As some of you might know from reading several Dutch nail blogs the Netherlands are always a little slow when it comes to new collections. It's not unheard of for new collections to come out up to two months later here. From what I understand, the Burlesque Collection is already available in the US but in the Netherlands it will be available from the beginning of November.

Enough talk, let's go to the pictures!

Teas-y Does It! is a vampy bordeaux polish. In the bottle the base is a sort of bordeaux and brown color with a very murky and smokey feel to it. It's filled with tiny foily flakes that flash purple, copper, gold and in some lights almost green. It seems to almost be a duochrome.

On the nail, I'm sorry to say, that multi-dimensional look doesn't quite show. You really need decent sunlight to admire this one in all it's glory. That said, it is a very pretty polish and one of my favorites from this collection. I'll definitely wear this one again!

It took me three coats to get it opaque but with careful polishing you might get away with two. Drying time is great! It was dry to the touch before I was ready to apply topcoat.Removal was also a breeze contrary to what I was expecting considering the flakies in the polish.

This polish will be available through the usual channels at the usual price. For the Netherlands this means it will be €13,95 and it will be sold at salons, Sephora, and more exclusive drugstores. For stores near you please check: www.opi.nl or www.opi.com

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'll show you Simmer and Shimmer from the same collection in a breast-cancer awareness manicure. Thanks for looking!

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I need to get this one! :D

Love it! I'm glad to have this one in my stash!

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