I'm Wearing Yellow Today!


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There is a first for everything... ;)
I love the look of yellow polish but usually not on me however this polish might be the first that didn't give my skin that sick look so I love it! This is Orly Lemonade from the Orly Sweet Collection that came out last spring or summer, I'm not sure. It's a collection of gorgeous pastels that are all surprisingly opaque in very few coats.

Yellow is notorious when it comes to coverage but this one was opaque in three thin coats so I'm impressed! I also love the Orly formula, brush and ofcourse the big bottles and rubber handle for easy grip. They may not be the prettiest but the are very functional.

Yellow is such a happy color! I did feel the need to spice it up a bit with a full-nail Konad print. I used plate M70 and Konad Special polish in Black which I bought at www.enchantra.eu. You can buy Konad supplies, China Glaze and other nailpolishes there at a 15% discount using the code DTCHNLBLG. They ship everywhere in Europe!

If you think you can see darker yellow spots on my nails, your eyes are not deceiving you. My first idea was to stamp this design in a darker yellow but it didn't stand out enough to make an impression so I wiped it off with a quick swipe with a felt square and pure acetone but it seems I missed some. What can I say, I only have time to paint my nails at night and it was to dark to see clearly. lol

Still, I'm really fond of this design. I was expecting some comments from classmates but no one seems to have noticed. Maybe it wasn't as 'in your face' as I thought it was. 

I'll try to catch up with the comments this weekend. Even though I don't respond to your comments right away I read every single one of them and really appreciate them! 

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wow! this pastel yellow is really pretty! and also your konadicure! =-O

Thanks! :)

Great polish/konad combo - very eighties but cool!

I love this Konadicure! The yellow looks great on you, makes me want to buy it! :)

What a pretty design!

80's! Well that goes with the leggings, oversized sweater and leg warmers I was wearing today. LOL :-D

Oh! I like it! Pretty yellow and the design reminds of those very small sweet eastereggs lol :-)


Thank you


Looks awesome on u and I ADORE THIS DESIGN!

Thanks! :)

Yellows don't work for me either and I swear, this is the only one I can wear too!

Yes ! That was my thought exactly when i saw this design lol :)

Wauw super gaaf!

And you don't have to use a gazillion layers to get it opaque, it's great! :-D

Dankje :)

So nice!, we don't see gorgeous yellows very often. :)

I love wearing paler, cooler toned yellows because they look better on my skin. Love the konad design!

Yellow is a hard color to pull off! The Konad is there for a reason, I needed something to tone it down a bit. ;)

The konad is pretty!

that is one of my favorite yellows AND my favorite plates! looks great! :) :)

dit is echt superleuk! En ik vind dat het je goed staat :)

I love this design, simple but so nice ^^

Wow! Stunning! <3

Wat een leuk design :-) Ik vind pastel lakjes altijd heel mooi!

x Ilja

What a great way to make yellow nails look great. Nice!

um holy freaking crap best mani ever.

Normaal hou ik nooit van gele nagellak, maar hoe jij hem op hebt ben ik toch wel van mening veranderd!! Heel mooi design zeg!


I love the design!

Thanks girls!

i liked them, and i would have said something nice if i'd seen you wear them in school, promise!
(but that could be because i really love looking at nail designs, haha :D)

Simple but gorgeous. Really nice

So Pretty! And perfect painting!

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