Catrice Forget-Me-Not Mattified!


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I looooooove this manicure. I bought Forget-Me-Not for the sole purpose of mattifying it and I was right, it looks so good matte!

To see more color accurate pictures of what this polish looks like on it's own, check out these swatches from Witoxicity. For some reason my camera made this one look a lot more blue than it is irl.

Just like we've come to expect from Catrice, this applied like a dream. I love their brush, formula and opacity! I used two coats, 1 coat of Nubar Diamont (old formula) and Catrice Nail Expert Matt Top Coat. Then I used Bundle Monster plate BM02 and China Glaze Millenium for stamping.

I'd like to say I got my blogging groove back but I don't want to jinx it. However, I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with polishes and nail-art over the past few days and it's been great to talk to all of you again!

Thanks for looking and until next time!

xoxo Kirsten

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I would have sworn that was Very Berry. I didn't know Catrice had a shade named like an Essence.

@Marox79: Dirty Berry is a lot more blue and is a shimmer instead of a foil. My pics really don't do this justice because my camera turned it blue instead of the red-leaning purple that it is but Witoxicity's pics show the color more accurately.

I *think* Catrice had this color before the Essence LE came out but I'm not sure.

Gorgeous! I enjoy watching your experiments. =D

Love this! I'm glad you're back to regularly blogging! The color looks great on your skin, and it's a creative mani. I added you to my blogroll. I just recently started blogging, I hope mine is as good as yours eventually!

Wat een geweldige match! Echt heel mooi

@AmyGrace: thanks!

@Nazin: Thank you! I'm your newest follower and I added you to my blogroll.

@Carola: Dankjewel!

Thank you so much!

Wow! This is awesome! I just might buy it so I can mattefy it too! It looks TONS better mattefied!

that purple is beautiful!

ok, seriously, that's pretty!


that's beautiful!
i thinki might need to buy this one..

This looks really pretty!

Thanks everyone!

@Ulmiel and Nicole: you really should!

I gotta have this color! Nice blog by the way :)

I love how you do the nail plates! They look great with those colours, too. I've just started blogging about doing nail designs, mine are nowhere as neat as yours but i guess everyone has to start somewhere!
Great blog!
Ace A,

That's absolutely gorgeous/perfect/amazing/wonderful ! SERIOUSLY

very Chinese ancient style. like it

Love your flowers - how cute!

Purple is one of my favourite colors! I like this nail design.Very attractive!

love your blog! <3 following!
please follow me too at

Oh MY GOD! This look so awesome!! I'm so sorry I haven't discovered your blog earlier, I guess I missed some beautiful nail designs and polishes ;-)
Moreover, the stamping plates look great, it's a pitty they're not available in our country... ;-)

Love this purple it is beautiful!

I am so going looking for that! awesome outcome...and I love the nouveau hippy design...although I doubt I have the patience for it.

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