Essence Choose Me!


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Today I'm wearing Essence Choose Me! This is apparently a dupe for Zoya Charla, OPI Catch Me In Your Net and I belief there's also an Orly polish that is a dupe. I can't compare them for you because I don't own any of those. This is definitely the cheapest of them all though so if you are looking for a budget alternative, you need this in your life!

You've probably seen better pics of this on other blogs but if you haven't I strongly recommend you google this polish. It's a stunning blue-green foil glitter polish that really looks best with a bit of sunshine on it but the sun wouldn't show itself while I was taking pics.

I've seen this polish described as a glitter but I don't agree with that description. It's very sparkly but I would describe this one as a foil. Maybe a foil glitter but not just a glitter.

This is the best pic I could take that shows some of the sparkly goodness. Those of you who own this polishes or one of it's dupes know that it's much better irl but it's impossible to capture without sunlight so this pic will have to do.

Thanks for looking and until next time!

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Choose Me looks so pretty on you! :)

This is so gorgeous!

Love this one! And your pics are great. =)

Beautiful! I love this colour.

Oh, this one is to DIE for! Love it!

@The-swatchaholic: thank you! It's one of the few polishes I own a back-up of.

@Lydia: Thanks!

@AmyGrace: Aw thank you! Your pics are always gorgeous so that means a lot coming from you!

@A Polished Touch: Thanks! It's one of my favorites too.

@Jorna: It really is! Thanks.

I really like that color!

This is still such a pretty nailpolish!

Love it! Looks like a mermaid's nail polish!

I LOVE that color, for some reason it reminds me of a mermaid, magical.

Looks great!
I've been looking for something like this... maybe a bit more green, but it looks realy good.

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