Essence: Right, Girl with Bundle Monster stamp


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Hi guys!

It's been a while but I have a manicure I wanted to share with you all. Recently I finally gave in and bought the Bundle Monster plates from and I'm glad I did! I used an image from plate BM-222 and Wet 'n Wild Black Creme for the design.

Please excuse the tipwear. I'd been wearing this mani for a couple of days before I took the pics.

This polish is from the Essence Multi Dimension line and is called Right, Girl. It's a medium red with red and gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is not very visible on the nail but it's a nice shade anyway.

I don't own many reds (or pinks) but lately I find myself reaching for them more often so I've been expanding my pink and red stash. Do you wear reds and pinks a lot? What are your favorites?

Thanks for looking and until next time!

xoxo Kirsten

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a beautiful gothic style! perfect!

Thank you Serena!

eee i love this shade of red. I don't have that many reds... but this one is beautiful with the konad. i might have to try this.

Thanks Pretty! If you can get your hands on Essence where you are, you should definitely try it. You can't go wrong with these prices. ;)

nice mani (:

Thank you Oje Delisi!

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