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Today I'm showing you my breast-cancer awareness manicure. I read on Delta Cephei's blog about a promotion Etos (a Dutch drugstore) is doing to raise awareness for Pink Ribbon. (www.pinkribbon.com) They ask women to paint their nails with one accent nail: a pink pinky. When you get questions about why your pinky is a different colour you can explain about Pink Ribbon and what people can do to support them. So, please take a moment to check out the links above for more information on Pink Ribbon.

I loved this idea so I decided to use Simmer & Shimmer to do a mani myself. I used Viva la Diva #71 on my pinky.

Compared to Absolutely Alice, Simmer & Shimmer is a bit more silver and it has multi-colored glitters instead of just blue and gold. There is fuschsia, orange, yellow, green and gold which make it feel like a party in a bottle. Contrairy to what you might expect after that statement it is not an "in-your-face" glitter. Somehow OPI manages to make glitter polishes seem subdued and demure. Apart from it being glitter of course. lol

This is the sort of glitter polish I'm pretty sure wouldn't have caused my late grandmother to throw a hissyfit and kick me out of the house while yelling at me I was the whore of Babylon and believe me, my grandmother wasn't easily satisfied. Just kidding! (No I'm not.)

Giant thumb!

Anyway, back to the polish! I did four coats of Simmer & Shimmer but honestly, that fourth coat was my paranoia kicking in. Macro setting and all.... I could see some of my bare nail through it if I looked closely but from a reasonable distance the glitter took care of that. On the pinky I used two coats of Simmer & Shimmer and two coats of Viva la Diva #71 because I wanted some of the blue glitter to shine through and pull the look together.

Drying time was short as can be expected from glitters. The surface was a little bumpy after the first coat of topcoat so I added a second one to make it smooth. 

Removal was normal for glitters. A pain if you try to do it the old fashioned way but with the foil method it was a breeze! I did find some stray glitters on my hands (and on my face, my hair, my couche, the floor, and on boyfriend etc. lol) but that is just the price we have to pay for wearing awesome glitters.

Thanks for looking!

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The pink pinky is a great idea. I'll be promoting this as well!

wowa wat gaaf zeg!

wow, dit is echt zo een mooi lakje! Ik wil hem ook! En goed dat je je pink roze hebt gelakt, ik zal het deze maand ook doen! :)

Ik hou echt van glitters, écht of je haaaat ze of je houd van ze... Ik HOU van ze! :*

This color is awesome!

Wow beautiful color!! I love it!

Wow beautiful color!! I love it!

Wow, this glitter is dense!

Haha! I totally read 'couche' as 'cooch' the first time as in your lady bits. :-P

Do you use liquid palisade?

I love so so much your nails.. gorgeous.. I have one q, so please answer it :) I'm coming to Amsterdam for new eve's and I wanna buy nfu oh holo.. do you know where can I find a store that sells it? thanks :*

they look gorgeous! can't wait to get my hands on some of the new glitter polishes :)

they look gorgeous! can't wait to get my hands on some of the new glitter polishes :)

these polishes look great! I absolutely love them! :) BTW, love your blog ^^

How beautiful, but a nightmare to get it off, can't imagine it :)

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