The Most Adorable Image Plates! Ever!


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While browsing around I just found a brand of image plates I haven't heard of before. It's quite possible this is old news to all of you because I haven't really been keeping up with reading blogs but I wanted to show them to you anyway.

Apparently, Shirley, from Dashica Beauty has created her own image plates for stamping and she did so brilliantly! One thing that always bugged me with Konad is that they don't have mirror images so you can make your left and right hand the same. Shirley's plates do!

I'm borrowing these images from her site but it's free advertising so I hope she is OK with it. I'll contacted her about it and if she doesn't want me to I'll remove these.

Love the full-nail design and the fairies!

I think I need this Hello Kitty. Too cute!

Calimero! I don't know if this means anything to my international readers but there isn't one kid in the Netherlands (over 25 lol) who didn't grow up with Calimero on TV.

I really like the full-nail designs on this plate but the star is most definitely Piglet! Or maybe the little doggy with the star ball.

More Piglet!

And where would Piglet be without his good friend Pooh Bear?

More full-nail designs. I love the one on the right!

Well, I could go on and on but you get the idea. ;)

Apparently these plates are larger than the Konad or Bundle Monster plates so the full-nail designs should actually really fit your thumbs without double stamping. I haven't tried these yet but I do plan on getting some (and some Bundle Monster plates) when my tax return comes in. If any of you know these plates and have more info please let us know!

To purchase these plates, check out this blog and the accompanying webshop. The plates cost €3,75 ($5,32). I don't know if she ships internationally but considering she also blogs in English I'm guessing it should be possible.

Edit: I checked with Shirley and she does ship internationally! For shipping rates you can contact her at her blog or through her shop.

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Oh ze zijn zo mooi! En ik ben onder de 25 en ook zeer bekend met calimero =D

Aaah how much I love Calimero and its quote "But it isnt fair" hehehe I grew up in Turkey and we had this cartoon too :) The disks look cute, thanks for letting us know.

Ze zijn echt heel mooi en in zowel links als rechts!
En tuuuuurlijk ken ik Calimero..

Jammer dat die A15 nu uitverkocht is... :( Ik had hem graag willen hebben!

These are amazing image plates! And yes, the mirror images are brilliant! I do hope they ship internationally. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Shirley is really a lovely girl and her products are nice and original. I bought six plates and some water decals from her website a month and a half ago and I'm really satisfied.
I think she ships internationally: I live in Italy and she has proposed me two kind of shipping - air mail and by courier (I chose the second one). :)

I'm obsessing over SdP B18. That piglet so too cute!

@Jeske: Ik dacht dat ze al eerder waren gestopt met uitzenden maar ze herhalen dit soort series ook nog wel eens natuurlijk. ;)

@Marjo: it's probably a worldwide phenomenon!

@Kimskie: Ze komt binnenkort ook nog met extra series uit hoorde ik op twitter dus deze zal vast ook weer aangevuld worden.

@Christina: thanks for letting us know! It's always nice to know others have good experiences with an etailer prior to buying from them yourself.

@Nicnacknails: I prefer the Piglet with the flower on SdP A14 but all of them are very cute!

Hoi, ik heb enkele plaatjes van shirley ze zijn echt super mooi!!!


lindos só não sei usar infelizmente :/

i am not a kitty fan but she is just too cute n puny in that image plate! lol

please check out my blog and follow <3

omg@ kitty, pooh, piglet!!! i want them now! lol

hi. please check out my blog on everything nail art. thanks!

I like the one with the entire stars, it's like a fairy tale on the nales <3

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