Great polishes deserve a name....


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... because naming a blog post MNY 549 just looks dumb. Why do nail polish brands do this? It doesn't even have to be a good name. Just name it anything!

Anyway, here is a polish I picked up a couple of months ago at a DM Drogerie (German drugstore chain) but this brand is also available in the Netherlands at Etos. It's a polish that immediately sparked my interest because I love a good taupe! MNY is a brand that sells affordable make-up in trendy colors for a pretty good price. The polishes cost €2,49.

It's a taupe but with purple undertones which is perfect for me because purple and taupe are my favorite colors. (Closely followed by green and blue) I have one Helmer drawer that is about 3/4 full of taupes and I have no dupes!

I needed four coats to get it fully opaque but I knew I would be making macro shots and macro is relentless. I think you can get away with three coats in everyday life.

I decided to do a comparison with some close colors:

Pinky: Essence LE You Rock Collection 02 Love, Peace and Purple. Four coats with topcoat.
Ring finger: Rimmel PRO 385 Hot List. Three coats with topcoat.
Middle finger: MNY 549 (See, it looks stupid with no name!) Four coats with topcoat.
index finger: OPI You Don't Know Jacques. Three coats with topcoat.

The Essence and Rimmel polishes are said to be dupes for Chanel Paradoxal. One difference between the two that I noticed irl but couldn't capture on camera is that the Rimmel one has more purple shimmer and a little, almost not noticeable, pearl shine to it which makes it look very glowy and shiny and brings out the purple shimmer more.

OPI YDKJ has more brown and grey and no purple whatsoever.

The base color on both Paradoxal dupes and MNY 549 is the same though so if you like the color but do not like shimmer polishes, this is the polish for you!

It wasn't until I was writing this blog post that I thought I should have also compared it to Models Own Purple Grey so I pulled the bottle out of my Helmer. They are nothing alike. Purple Grey is darker, a lot more purple and isn't as warm toned because it doesn't have brown or taupe in it. If I remember I'll show this to you another time.

So, that's it for today! I'm going to see if I can find some way to cool down because it's been absolutely tropical here. We're supposed to get rain and thunderstorms here tonight and I'm really looking forward to that. Maybe that will cool things down a bit.

Thanks for looking!


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In my case, a name is a lot more easy to remember.

i loooove the color. reminds me of ydkj only darker.

It's pretty! OPI YDKY is too brown for me, this is way more purple and way more pretty <3.

Lovely color :-)


Ooo I love a nice Greige! <3 lovely!

Hi there! THis color looks like Perplex by Loreal, it is a really hot shade now and it looks great on you. On me it is ok, I have dark olive skin it is just too dark on me for my taste.

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I love ETOS!! I have been to Holland many many times and have some really great souveneirs from etos. This place is a great find! And they have polish now? Woot!

Haha you made me laugh, all my "MNY" articles start the same "Why do nail polsih brand do this? Why this nail polish don't have a name?" :)

btw, this article rocks, I love this colour !

I totally agree with you about the names and this one is so pretty. Don't understand why they just gave it a number...

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great comparison! love that MNY

what is the top coat you used because I notice that the nails are very glossy.

really lovely colour and cool pictures!

This color is very elegant... I like this one a lot... I have one similar to this called Violeta Acinzetado (greyish violet), by Risqué. Nowadays, it's been quite popular because it's a launching by this brand.
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Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.

That's an amazing nail polish! I adore purple, and this color reminds me somewhat of a color by 'Essence' called 'where is the party?'. It's also a taupe-ish color, but has this really strong purple shimmer (similar to the swatches you posted.) If I could get the polish you posted about in this country, I would get it. It's gorgeous. :-)

Deze is erg mooi!!! een goede tip! Die komt zeker op mijn wishlist

Benieuwd naar mijn nailart creaties?? volg mij dan op


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this color is more open than black. It can contain everything

Prachtige kleur!

so pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Leuke blog!

Very pretty mani! Love it!

You are so right! Just call it Grey Day or anything! Great dupes there too, very interesting! New follower here x x x

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